Friday, May 4, 2012

Fred Da Godson

Too Fat MC= Fred Da Godson

Fat: Slang. 1) Especially profitable or advantageous work.
2) plump; well-fed

By Deigo MacK

On a regular Saturday afternoon in the Bronx New York somewhere near Tremont Avenue, its rare that one would find a upcoming rapper with ties to industry heavyweight Puff Daddy shopping amongst the natives. But Lo and behold, just over my shoulder in a Yankee fitted stood Fred Da Godson.
I yelled out to Fred and expressed my appreciation for his meticulous rap flow. The humble MC shook my hand and stated “I’m going hard this year”.
Who can argue with him?
Well, to really understand Fred Da Godson one would have to go back in time. Born Fredrick Thomas in a household of six other kids in the early 80’s, Fred had a rough beginning. He battled Asthma, diabetes and Kidney disease before embarking on his music career. Raised in the South Bronx, son of a Security guard who worked at the famous Hip Hop club ‘The Tunnel,’ Fred was always secretly dreaming of becoming rap royalty. His determination and perseverance propelled him to start recording with TBM/Blockwork Entertainment. Somehow Fred knew embarking on a rap career would be challenging. Fred started flowing under the radar before connecting with fans via Online. Instantly Fred Da Godson took off into another stratosphere with his Mix tape hustle. He released “They Call ME Flow” and followed up with “American Gangster”. His work ethnic sparked recognition in the form of being named
‘Best Male Rapper’ of 2007 during the Underground Music Awards.
Coincidentally, his next Mix tape ‘Armageddon’ pushed the ‘Too Fat MC’ into the public’s eye with Radio spins and numerous industry collaborations.
The street anthem “Let’s Toast To That” featuring JadaKiss ignited a bidding war for Fred’s lyrical services. Things have now changed for the Upcoming MC evident by the crowd forming around him while shopping. Watching Fred from a distance I noticed the tired look on his face while signing autographs. Hopefully, the FAT MC will get some much needed rest…Things will heat up soon.
Currently, he’s being actively pursued by Interscope, DefJam, Roc Nation and Bad Boy labels to name a few. The sudden demand of his music has placed Fred Da Godson in the driver’s seat. Lately his career is being co-piloted by Hip Hop heavyweight Shawn Prez (Bad Boy) who took on the role of becoming Fred’s personal manager. The Bad Boy mogul Puff Daddy is aboard in some capacity yet to be revealed.
For now, we sit patiently. Watching, Waiting, Hoping and Rooting for the “Too Fat” MC to hold it down. We’ll see once his album entitled “Flawless Victory” drops. 
       Until then… don’t bet against Fred. He’s too ‘Phat’.

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