Friday, May 18, 2012

Welcome Back Andy Pettitte

Christmas comes early in the Bronx. Fresh off testifying in his buddy Roger Clemens trial, Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte lands in the Bronx on Mothers Day. His arrival caused quite a stir within baseball circles. Yankees manager Joe Girardi says it best, “I’m excited” while speaking of Andy Pettitte’s return to the Yankees rotation, “I think it will be a great day at the stadium.”

Enough said.

The return of Andy Pettitte highlights a mediocre pitching staff who ranks 11th in the American League with 5.54 ERA. Aside from CC Sabathia, Yankees pitching has more suspects than a line up. Staffed with young pitchers like Phil Hughes and Ivan Nova, a veteran presence may help transform a fragile rotation.

Not so fast.

 Andy Pettitte had a 4.55 ERA in six starts…in the minors. Major League hitters are probably licking their lips while waiting for Andy Pettitte’s return. The first big league test comes on Mothers Day against hard hitting Seattle Mariners.

Some say Pettitte command was off in the minor league outings, as he gave up five runs in three innings and his fastball was clocked at 87-88 mph in his final dress rehearsal.

The 39 year old southpaw cashed in retirement coupons and signed for 2.5 million in March, so here we are, 10 weeks later anticipating his return to glory.

It will be very challenging for Andy Pettitte because he hasn’t pitched in a big league game since Game 3 of the 2010 ALCS against the Rangers, so we wait patiently.

Maybe losing Yankees All Star reliever Mariano Rivera helped speed up Andy Pettitte’s return to the mound? We’ll get to see the results of curiosity on Mothers Day. Ours and Andy’s.

Questions remain lingering in the Yankee clubhouse over who gets cut or demoted to make room for Andy Pettitte? Neither Cashman nor Girardi would confirm who would be bumped, although David Phelps sits in the line of fire.

Only one thing seems to be certain in statements by Yankees GM Brian Cashman “I think everybody is in agreement that Pettitte won’t benefit in the minors.”
Rightfully so. But is he ready for the Big Leagues?

That’s the questions you get when you…un retire. Welcome back Andy.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tale of the Tape
Mayweather      vs         Cotto

42-0 (26)          37-2 (30)
    Age:          35                         31
 Height:         5’8                       5’7
Weighed in at:         151                      154

Last 3 opponents:       Ortiz             Magarito
Mosley           Mayorga
Marquez           Foreman

Mayweather vs Cotto

Floyd 'Money' Mayweather is arguably the greatest fighter of his generation. Heavy accomplishment considering De La Hoya, Bernard Hopkins and Manny Pac fights in the same decade The difference is wrapped in a certain number. ZERO. As in losses.
What's the blueprint for beating Mayweather?

Opponents search for ways to defeat 'Money Mayweather' but routinely come up short.

Late boxing scribe Bert Sugar once said: "An undefeated fighter is similar to a pretty girl, everybody wants a shot".

Miguel Cotto must agree.

Perhaps placing his WBA Super Welterweight belt on the line against Mayweather was courageous...but was it smart? Of course it was. After redeeming himself vs Margarito, he shoots for the stars in this fight. Over ten million stars. Floyd racks up at least 30 million stars. Easily reaching "A million dollar per minute" heights for Mayweather. Surprised? Don't be. Its his norm.
That's why he's called 'Money Mayweather'.
Intangibles: Both fighters exchanged nasty words at yesterdays weigh in which usually results in alley fights. The Cinco de Mayo factor may prompt Floyd Mayweather to enter the ring wearing a sombrero, but it will not alter his boxing technique. Cotto will make it interesting with constant pressure and Floyd will resort to his masterful JAB. Look for that same punch to cause Cotto trouble, maybe opening cuts on the Puerto Rican Champion. Hand and foot speed will make all the difference in this fight.

Mayweather by late round stoppage. 9th round TKO

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fred Da Godson

Too Fat MC= Fred Da Godson

Fat: Slang. 1) Especially profitable or advantageous work.
2) plump; well-fed

By Deigo MacK

On a regular Saturday afternoon in the Bronx New York somewhere near Tremont Avenue, its rare that one would find a upcoming rapper with ties to industry heavyweight Puff Daddy shopping amongst the natives. But Lo and behold, just over my shoulder in a Yankee fitted stood Fred Da Godson.
I yelled out to Fred and expressed my appreciation for his meticulous rap flow. The humble MC shook my hand and stated “I’m going hard this year”.
Who can argue with him?
Well, to really understand Fred Da Godson one would have to go back in time. Born Fredrick Thomas in a household of six other kids in the early 80’s, Fred had a rough beginning. He battled Asthma, diabetes and Kidney disease before embarking on his music career. Raised in the South Bronx, son of a Security guard who worked at the famous Hip Hop club ‘The Tunnel,’ Fred was always secretly dreaming of becoming rap royalty. His determination and perseverance propelled him to start recording with TBM/Blockwork Entertainment. Somehow Fred knew embarking on a rap career would be challenging. Fred started flowing under the radar before connecting with fans via Online. Instantly Fred Da Godson took off into another stratosphere with his Mix tape hustle. He released “They Call ME Flow” and followed up with “American Gangster”. His work ethnic sparked recognition in the form of being named
‘Best Male Rapper’ of 2007 during the Underground Music Awards.
Coincidentally, his next Mix tape ‘Armageddon’ pushed the ‘Too Fat MC’ into the public’s eye with Radio spins and numerous industry collaborations.
The street anthem “Let’s Toast To That” featuring JadaKiss ignited a bidding war for Fred’s lyrical services. Things have now changed for the Upcoming MC evident by the crowd forming around him while shopping. Watching Fred from a distance I noticed the tired look on his face while signing autographs. Hopefully, the FAT MC will get some much needed rest…Things will heat up soon.
Currently, he’s being actively pursued by Interscope, DefJam, Roc Nation and Bad Boy labels to name a few. The sudden demand of his music has placed Fred Da Godson in the driver’s seat. Lately his career is being co-piloted by Hip Hop heavyweight Shawn Prez (Bad Boy) who took on the role of becoming Fred’s personal manager. The Bad Boy mogul Puff Daddy is aboard in some capacity yet to be revealed.
For now, we sit patiently. Watching, Waiting, Hoping and Rooting for the “Too Fat” MC to hold it down. We’ll see once his album entitled “Flawless Victory” drops. 
       Until then… don’t bet against Fred. He’s too ‘Phat’.

The protocol and security was tight when I arrived. Picture an unsigned rapper with goons, surveillance cameras and ‘trap doors’ greeting visitors. Its weird. Imagine walking through an half empty Beauty Salon, only to discover blank stares along with language barriers. An awkward pause. Feeling the tension inside the room, I politely asked for “Moe Millionz”.
More tension and hard stares. The women rolled their eyes at me. Some burly man pointed towards the back steps. Following his directions led me to another ‘trap door’ where music could be heard beyond the threshold. The sound was low but intense. The ’old school’ drum pattern knocking in sync with my heartbeat. I knocked on the door then waited for a reply. No answer. Just the music continuing. I knocked again. Still, no answer. Then suddenly, the door was buzzed open and I stepped inside the dangerous looking trap door. Right before my eyes stood Moe Millionz giving directions to his producer JuJu of Just Amazing Music. Figuring I’d get my interview and leave without getting settled into the studio session, I usually set aside one hour on my schedule. Wrong. Three hours later I could recite the whole process of  watching Moe Millionz record songs in clips of ’five’. It was simply amazing.

 Collaborators sum it up as follows: “Jumping in and out the booth, barking orders on tracks, being aggressive with his music is the norm…but either way its hot” according to longtime producer JuJu. I agreed. Moe can be meticulous about beats, lyrics, the studio lighting etc etc. But after the ‘close encounter’, the picture gets clearer and clearer. Moe is the real deal. He’s ready. The closest description is this: “Moe Millionz is the type that can start rapping on Wall Street and draw a crowd.” said manager  Warren ‘Woo’ Miles. So secretly I wondered to myself…Why No Mix Tape? The god MC kinda read my mind stating
“ I know people been waiting since the summer for my Mix Tape” continuing “I’m getting it ready now” said Moe Millionz.

The delay in releasing his Mix Tape is unknown. I probed him for answers but Moe remained quiet about the delay, instead choosing to speak around the subject. Whatever happened, Moe Millionz soon left stranded as an solo artist. He had plenty of street buzz but became frustrated with no product. Speaking from experience, “Battles cannot pay the bills, so I just got focused on my goals and stopped waiting for people” said Moe Millionz.

 Last Summer rekindled the burning flame inside Moe Millionz to pick up the mic again. Rumors spread.
The neighborhood teenager recalls it vividly: “The park was packed. Moe Millionz stepped to the mic and ripped some unknown rapper to shreds. The kid got mad, gassed his boys up and started acting tough. Long story short, you cannot violate Moe Millionz. The boy is nice. Period. Point blank.” Verbatim. Instantly I was astonished because “I heard the exact same story.” Wow. But really…who cares? Nobody knows about Moe Millionz except for the Bronx. Wrong. Lately, Moe Millionz has been touring the East Coast with stops in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. Opening up for such acts like Black Rob, Mims and Method Man.
Hot lyrics, Charisma and Energetic stage presence won Moe Millionz followers from state to state. The upcoming artists even signed an undisclosed deal with Team 28 marketing  company which promises placement in Commercials and Print Ads adding to Moe’s visibility. All is well for the humble Moe Millionz. Speaking on behalf of Team 28, Vice President Frank Jacobs stated “We heard about Moe Millionz through the grapevine and grabbed him early in his career quite confident he‘s destined for the stars. Wait. You‘ll see.”
Besides the street hype, promotional tours and marketing concepts, what could be NEXT for Moe Millionz. “I just want to be heard. Besides that, mostly respected. By everybody. Known for good music. Buy it. Listen. Have fun.” said Moe Millionz. Spoken like a true politician which explains the delay on the goods. The Mix Tape. Win, lose or draw Moe Millionz has my endorsement. Check for the hot singles
 “Stepped In” and “Round the Clock”. Most of all, Remember I told you First.