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Tale of the Tape
Mayweather      vs         Cotto

42-0 (26)          37-2 (30)
    Age:          35                         31
 Height:         5’8                       5’7
Weighed in at: 151                      154

Last 3 opponents: Ortiz             Magarito
                           Mosley           Mayorga
                          Marquez           Foreman

Mayweather vs Cotto

Floyd 'Money' Mayweather is arguably the greatest fighter of his generation. Heavy accomplishment considering De La Hoya, Bernard Hopkins and Manny Pac fights in the same decade The difference is wrapped in a certain number. ZERO. As in losses.

So what's the blueprint for beating Mayweather?

Opponents search for ways to defeat 'Money Mayweather' but routinely come up short.

Late boxing scribe Bert Sugar once said:
 "An undefeated fighter is similar to a pretty girl, everybody wants a shot".

Miguel Cotto must agree.

Perhaps placing his WBA super welterweight belt on the line against Mayweather was courageous...but was it smart?

Of course it was.

 After Cotto redeemed himself versus Margarito, he presently shoots for the stars in this fight.
Over ten million stars. His payday most likely will exceed ten million dollars.
Floyd racks up at least 30 million stars, easily reaching "A million dollar per minute" for this upcoming bout. Surprised? Don't be. Its his norm. That's why he's called 'Money Mayweather'.

Intangibles: Both fighters exchanged nasty words at yesterdays weigh in - which usually results in alley fights. The Cinco de Mayo factor may prompt Floyd Mayweather Jr. to enter the ring wearing a sombrero, but it will not alter his boxing technique.
Cotto will make it interesting with constant pressure and Floyd will resort to his masterful jab.
Look for that same punch to cause Cotto trouble, possibly opening cuts on the Puerto Rican champion. Both fighters have experience and championship heart, so hand and foot speed will make all the difference in this fight, and that edge favors Money Mayweather.

We predict Mayweather Jr. by late round stoppage.
 9th round TKO


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