Friday, May 4, 2012

Derrick Rose stars in "The Season of the Witch"

Derrick Rose
Stars in
The Season of the Witch’
Naysayer aside, I’m totally convinced the Chicago Bulls 2012 season has been cursed. Maybe it’s last years MVP ‘thingy‘? Or the idols…oops…I mean statues of Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen hovering outside Chicago’s celebrated United Center? Some suggest the shortened NBA season? Or how about the NBA’s overloaded schedule? Whatever. Take an educated guess. Either way it spells trouble in The Windy City.

Why? Recent knee injury, as in torn ACL ligaments, has sidelined All Star point guard Derrick Rose ending all hopes for returning to last years glory of being in the Eastern Conference Finals. As it happened, Derrick Rose blew out his left knee - while his Chicago Bulls was leading visiting 76ers by 12 points with 1:22 left in the fourth quarter. The irony lies in the fact Derrick Rose was one assist and one rebound from recording a Triple double finishing with 29 points, 9 assists, with 9 rebounds. So close yet so far.
Instant replays by newscasters and NBA commentators were recycled ever since it happened, starting up rumor mills with former players and coaches choosing opposite sides. Some sided with Bulls Head Coach Tom Thibodeau’s decision to leave his star player in the game. Others disagree. But not for nothing, at the least, it confirms the age old saying ‘timing is everything’. It just happens to be bad timing for the Chicago Bulls fans. Hints were neglected all season when Derrick Rose had a few minor injuries which resulted in his lowest output since becoming a professional athlete. The Bulls responded collectively by going 18-9 in games without Derrick Rose intensifying a false security of playing without their explosive point guard. Most teammates imagine they can still win. Look what Chicago Bulls forward Luol Deng said “We played plenty of games without Derrick Rose this year, so we’re prepared for anything”. Oh yeah. Nice lie. It was quick and well spoken in the midst of confusion. Seemingly he has a nice future as a… politician. No pun intended. There is no time for jokes when a team loses its star point guard. I’d bet my lunch money Coach Tom Thibodeau sleeps on pins and needles ever since the injury. I’m serious.
What happens if Derrick Rose buys into all the rumors hereby questioning his Coaches decision making? What if he takes his complaints to Chicago Bulls front office? Does that mean trouble for NBA experienced Tom Thibodeau?
And for some strange reason, when NBA Coaches land in hot water it’s somehow ‘spiritually’ tied to my sports columnists economy.
                                 ‘One mans trash is another mans treasure.’

Well…You get my drift? I hope. Regardless, most experts predict the Chicago Bulls cannot downplay the significance of losing Derrick Rose.
But it goes deeper than that without using any stretch of my imagination or spiritual advising, in fact, I’m predicting 2012’s freak knee injury to All Star point guard Derrick Rose will have a lasting effect on top seeded Chicago Bulls. For one, how do you replace last years NBA’s MVP or 21.8 points and 7.9 assists per game in 2012. You don’t.

Especially in ‘The Season of the Witch’.

And anybody thinking otherwise should accompany me to my therapists’ office. He’s great. Like the resolve of Derrick Rose for trying to inspire his teammates for game 2. Problem is, he wore a designer suit to practice and didn’t change into his Bulls uniform. Dig this? After leading the NBA with a (56-16) record, number one defense, top seeding in the Eastern Conference playoffs and all the accolades. It’s clear only one question remains in Chicago…
           Where’s the good ‘Witch’ when you need her?

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